A Grand Piano for Ibach - oder

Der Richard Meier-Flügel für Rud. Ibach Sohn

   Richard Meier, architect  
F - III 215 - TH - Richard Meier
Modell "Richard Strauss"
Der Ibach-Flügel nach Entwurf
des amerikanischen Architekten
Richard Meier

The new Ibach Grand designed by Richard Meier 

Richard Meier zu seinem Flügelentwurf   
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Richard Meier says... 
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Die Meinung des Musikers...
The voice of a professional musician and university professor...

Prof. Grigory Gruzman 
Pianist und Hochschullehrer

Schostakowitsch - Trio
Sony Classical Artist
Akademie für Tonkunst Darmstadt
Hochschule für Musik, Hamburg

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Grigory Gruzman spielt den Flügel
F - III 215 - TH - Richard Meier
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F - III 215 - TH - Richard Meier
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Mr. Rolf  Ibach  
president of  RUD. IBACH SOHN  
piano company says...
"When six generations ago my ancestor set up shop in 1794 to build pianos, Ludwig van Beethoven had just finished his first piano sonata, composed for either harpsichord or piano. Frederic Chopin wasn't even born yet, neither was Franz Liszt. The piano as we know it today was largely still in the making. It was an era of research and experiments in science, art and crafts. The spirit of enlightenment prevailed Over the centuries to this very day, my family has been collaborating with the finest composers and pianists of their time in just this spirit in order to create the perfect sound of the piano.   
Today we call it innovation, but the spirit prevails. Richard Wagner suggested certain changes in order to reach a sound suitable to his imagination, as did the composer and our friend Hans Werner Henze in recent years or the pianist Homero Francesch in order to archieve a sound and a touch adequate to our time and music.   
Over three generations architects have implemented new impulses for the style and design of our cases. We are proud and honored to continue this art of Avant-garde piano-building with Richard Meier."

Biographie Richard Meier (Siehe auch unsere Info-Seite zu IBACH Sondermodellen)

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