The IBACH factory in Schwelm/Germany


When in the 1870th the House of IBACH experienced an incredible boom, soon the main factory in Barmen (Wuppertal) became too tight. They had to look for further facilities to produce and sell their instruments and build up a system of factories, retail shops and concert halls in different towns.
The factory in Schwelm was bought in the 1880th (a former textile-factory) and after modification for piano production, it became one of most modern factories in Rhineland and Westfalia. Now, they produced their grand pianos at Barmen and Berlin, the upright pianos were made in Schwelm.



The picture shows the IBACH factory in Schwelm around the year 1900, just beside the railway, with great storage places for wood.

World War I and The Great Depression shatter the piano industry. IBACH, however, manages to survive the crisis, pick up the pieces and begin again. IBACH achieves worldwide recongnition and continues its expansion. A great future appears on the horizon; World War II destroys all hopes as factories, retail houses and concert halls, the IBACH Hall in Düsseldorf, parts of the archive and an incredible wealth of art are completely destroyed. At the end of this war, Ibach lies in shambles. Another beginning takes place in the factory in Schwelm and they regaines international reputation.

Since the 1950th, the premises in Schwelm are headquarters of IBACH...
Of course, something changed in producing pianos....

...also the todays manufacturing of piano strings is really different from the process, shown by the photography of 1910. 
Today, IBACH uses the most modern ways to produce upright and grand pianos. But, of course, working by hand remains to be very important to succeed in producing instruments of the highest quality. Every one of our craftsmen, the IBACH pianomakers, is a specialist in his subject. You will find a lot of them in our factory.