The IBACH Tradition
of Quality and Sound

Only the Best
Building the IBACH Sound

An Ibach piano is the result of more than 200 years of experience in perfecting pianos. The following sections demonstrate several elements in their construction,which are the foundation of the splendid sound of IBACH instruments. Few people appreciate the fact that the string tension is equal to the weight of a fully loaded train car: approximately 33,000 to 44,000 pounds. In Ibach pianos, this incredible force is supported by a special cast iron plate and a frame constructed of solid wood, referredto as the the "braced back".

The IBACH Frame

The Ibach Sound Board

The IBACH String Design

The IBACH Action

IBACH Quality
Experience and Craft, Science and Technology.
Now As Ever - Our Most Important Task

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Bringing an IBACH to Pitch and Tone

How Does a Music Lover Recognize the Special IBACH Sound?

Realize Your Dream Piano With an IBACH